Mailorder 'How To'

You can now take advantage of our fancy new automated web-based ordering system - just start shopping.  However, you can still use the old way - we like to talk to our customers and hopefully some of you like talking to us also.  We've always got new things and special offers - if you call we can tell you about them.  So, you can shop right now by going to the product pages and clicking the things you want to buy, OR, follow the directions below to do it the old way.....

  1. Download the pricelist from the Downloads Page
  2. Figure out what you want to order.
  3. Call / Fax or E-Mail your order to us.
  4. We will call you back with a total for your approval and to get your credit card details.

How long :  Most orders will ship the same day!

Notes :  Our new secure system enables us to store your credit card details but we won't unless you ask.  We never store the CCV number and so we will always need to call and ask for it.

Shipping :
  We will select the best shipping method depending on what you're ordering and where you live.  If you have specific requirements, i.e. you don't trust a specific carrier in the place where you live then please let us know asap after placing your order.  Please note, frozen shipments outside of the Midwest will generally have to go 2nd Day Air and will therefore be quite expensive.

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